The first TeachMeet Int'l Online, held on 17 December 2011, was a great success and we want to show the energy, the enthusiasm and the inspiration that 22 speakers from 15 countries shared with the world.

Speakers and their presentations in a slidehsare by Sonja (@sonajlr)

Name of Presenter/ Role
Twitter handle
Title of Micropresentation
John Putt, Headteacher
Holywell, Wales UK
Web 2.0 for Continuous Professional Learning [CPL]
Nataša Sajko, Teacher of Croatian
Varaždin, Croatia
My E-classroom: Moja (m)učionica
Vicky Loras, English Teacher
Zug, Switzerland
Multiculturalism in Education
David Warr
Birmingham, UK
Language Garden
Jennifer Verschoor, Language & ICT Teacher
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Using Games With Young Learners
Karolina De Vrgna
Zagreb, Croatia
Project 'Me, myself and I'
Lidija Kralj, Math & ICT Teacher
Veliki Bukovec, Croatia
Math in eTwinning
Elinda Gjondedaj, English Teacher
Athens, Greece
Motivate Writing with Comic Strips
Chuck Sandy, English Teacher
Kasugai, Japan
Stepping Way Back
Anna Loseva, English Teacher
Moscow, Russia
ELTworkplaces as a way to go with Posterous
Vladimira Michalkova, English Teacher
Kosice, Slovakia
Bookmark your dreams
Marijana Smolcec, English Teacher
Ogulin, Croatia
Let's get to know you
Yitzha Sarwono, English Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia
Applying Dogme teaching in Montessori kindergarten classroom
Fiona Beal, ICT teacher
South Africa
Your blog can be a fantastic teaching tool
Lenka Kroupová, Spanish Teacher
Brno, Czech Republic
School Mag in New Web 2.0 Clothes: Collaboration and Blogging
Marin Rosandic, Latin Teacher

Zagreb, Croatia
Asterix going to school
Chiew Pang, English Teacher
Las Palmas, Spain
Wordle: Tricks & Ideas
Cherry Mathew Philipose
Community Listening
Guido@europeaantje, English Teacher
Antwerp, Belgium
Student blogging with... you guessed it: Posterous!
Zdenkica Stanec, Special Ed Teacher
Samobor, Croatia
ICT best practices
Natasa Ljubic Klemse
Bjelovar, Croatia
Voki in primary education / Voki Class
Vijay Krishnan, Math Teacher
Teaching vs. tutoring

Take a look at the video made by Bart (@bartverswijvel)

Read about the TeachMeet Int'l session in the posts by:
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Jeannette James (Australia): Live Meeting #teachmeet webinar
Arjana Blazic (Croatia): Good vibrations
Bart Verswijvel (Belgium): Wonderful world
Elinda Gjondeda (Greece): Reflections from #TeachMeet International
Chiew Pang (Spain): Two for the price of none
Fiona Beal (South Africa): A day once only imagined has arrived - a virtual
International TeachMeet
John Putt (Wales, UK): International TeachMeet

Listen to the recording of the event.

Take a squiz at the amazing tweedoc #teachmeet backchannelcompiled by @7Mrsjames.

Or simply listen to Sam Cooke who opened our webinar with his song about a wonderful world. This global event made our world wonderful indeed.

The moderators of the first Teach meet Int'l were Arjana Blazic (@abfromz), Bart Verswijvel (@BartVerswijvel) and Sonja Lusic Radosevc (@sonjalr) from the non-profit Just A Click awayand eTINERA. Please feel free to email us at:

This event was partly sponsored by b4b and eHrvatska