TeachMeet Int'l ONLINE - March 3, 2012 at 10:00 CET

Name of Presenter
Title of Micropresentation
Shelly Terrell
Texas, USA
The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators: Dare to Believe
Chuck Sandy
Stepping Back Further
Bram Faems
Making stop motion movies with Movie Maker
Jeannette James
Give pearl a whirl - online organisation
Elinda Gjondedaj
Athens, Greece
Practice Speaking Online
Janet Bianchini
Abruzzo, Italy
Fun with Comics
Vicky Loras
Zug, Switzerland
Word of the Week
Fiona Beal
South Africa
Create wonderful online magazines
Miranda Burke
Paris, France
Helping your adult professional students expand internationally
Sanja Bozinovic
Velika Gorica,Croatia
Using a wiki with students
Nataša Ljubić Klemše
Bjelovar, Croatia
ICT initiatives from the 1st grade of primary school
Marijana Smolčec
Ogulin, Croatia
Jennifer Verschoor
Games for young learners
Cheryl Arnett
Craig, Colorado, USA
Let's Go to Disneyland!
Tóthné Bán Gyöngyi
One Topic Every Month
Sue Lyon-Jones
Teaching with Technology - A Basic Checklist
Julian S Wood
Using online Generators to inspire Learning
Anna Loseva
Moscow, Russia
A tale of two cities (and a bunch of ESP students): Moscow-Grenoble connected
Maja Dakic-Brkovic
Uzice, Serbia
Podcast in Piano Lessons
Alina Balan

Ploiesti, Romania
Extracurricular activity implying ITC
Lucas Van de Paer
Evernote, your digital workbook
Barb Hoskins Sakamoto
Kitakyushu, Japan
Six Word Stories
Suzana Delić
Zagreb, Croatia
Videoconferences in Schools

Huge thanks to Icha and Cherry who were there with us, but didn't present due to technical difficulties and poor internet connection.
Yitzha Sarwono, @yitzha_sarwono
Cherry Mathew Philipose, @cherrymp