What to present?

You can tell us about:
- a project that you carried out in your classroom, or are still doing it
- a tool that you used with your students
- an idea that worked well with your students
- an activity that you did in your classroom
- an experience you want to share
- an example of best practices in teaching and learning

What key points to address?

About the project:
Where did the idea come from?
What resource or tools did you use?
How did you implement the project?
What were the biggest challenges?

About the teaching/learning process:

What impact has the project had on your students?
Has the project enhanced the learning process?
What impact has it had on the teaching process?
Has it enhanced the quality of teaching?

Provide some useful links

You can download our template.

How to present?
A headset is needed for the presentation and a camera is recommended.

The presentations will last for only 3 minutes, unless stated otherwise. When the time of your presentation is over, you will hear a song and you will be kindly asked to "give the floor" to the next presenter.
We kindly ask you to sign up as early as possible. In case there are too many presenters, not all the presenters will have the opportunity to present.